Dog skin Allergy

Ludo has been diagnosed with a seasonal skin allergy.

He had it last year around the same time. Last year we thought it was Flea Dermatitis. However its occurred at the same time of year again (minus the fleas).
Basically it means he scratches/ licks and bites himself in a couple of areas (behind his knees, arm pits, tail) making them red raw.
Could be anything.

So it was off to the Vets for a round of Steroids and Antibiotics. He should be okay in a week or two.
I’ll also keep an eye on his skin and apply whichever is closest at hand,
– Aloveen Conditioner (which can be used as a skin ointment, recommended by the vet)
– Aristopet Antiseptic ointment (smells like teatree)
– Aristopet Skin lotion spray (He hates this one the most as I think it stings him)
– Potassium permanganate (aka Purple bath or Condy’s crystals as an antiseptic. Mix a couple of flakes in water and use to clean the wounds. I find this to be the most effective solution, regardless that it leaves my fingertips stained like a 50yr old smokers)

We’ll also give him a bath every week or two with either Alloveen shampoo/ Oatmeal shampoo or Aristopet Medicated shampoo.

We’ve also started adding in the Blackmores Omega 3 & 6 spray into their foods at meal times, however I don’t see any difference after 3 weeks of use.

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Simple math

This innocent door stop

Plus this; Two cheeky puppies



Equals this…

And all in the time it took for me to have a shower!

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I think Gus is missing out.


Discussion between Ashton and I as Gus bonks his ‘muff pup’ toy. I’m starting to think Ashton is humanising our dogs too much and treating them as kids/humans.

Ashton: Awww, Good boy Gus

Me: I don’t think you should be encouraging that sort of behaviour…

Ash: Aww, but he just doesn’t know what’s happening too him. I think he’s missing out on knowing what it’s really like.

Me: huh what?

Ash: I think he should really experience it.

Me; Umm no. Have you ever seen him try and hump another dog in the park? He wouldn’t know what to do with one.

Ash: No, but that’s only because he’s not had enough time. I’m sure he would know what to do.

Me: ahh yeah no. And how would we even go about this. “Hey, you’ve got a female dog, my dog’s desexed but we want to borrow her so he can hump her to ‘experience’ life”

Ash: You just don’t understand what it’s like being a male.

Me: No, I’m just thinking realistically. And what would Ludo think? As I kid I had two male guinea pigs that we bred with a friends two female guinea pigs. After they were done they two boys wouldn’t go back in the same cage again.. They would fight and bite each others butts and not let go- forming a guinea pig bracelet.

Ash; What?! Guinea pig bracelet. How is that relevant.

Me: Entirely relevant. How do you know Ludo and Gus would get along after he’s been with another bitch?

Ash: They would. I dunno. I just feel back for him (gus).

Me: WE’RE NOT GETTING HIM A BITCH PROSTITUTE! Maybe you should just ‘help him out’ 🙂

Ash: ugh.. no!

Me: This conversation is now being put on the blog..

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Bump in the night

Conversation between Ashton and I:
Ash: did you hear the dogs barking last night
Me: No, I was asleep
Ash: Gus started whining in the middle of the night. Something must of scared him. So I went downstairs and comforted him.
Me: what?
Ash: Ludo was still asleep but Gus was waiting by the stairs and was so happy to see me. So I sat with him, told him everything was okay until he stopped snuggling and started wandering around the room. Then I encouraged him to just back onto the couch with Ludo and told him to go back to sleep, and he didn’t make another sound. Poor boy- maybe he had a bad dream??
Me: you do realise that most other people in the world would have yelled down the stairs at him to ‘shut the hell up’?
Ash: aww but he’s my boy and I was worried.
Me: I’m starting to see you are a bit of a soft touch
Ash: grumbles
Me: aww honey, no it was very sweet of you… And I’ve now delegated you to look after our human babies if we have them.:)


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Nap time


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Rainy days = destruction

Rain in our house means no walk.
No walks = two VERY energetic pups.

For the past 3 days in Sydney it has rained non-stop day to night. Unfortunately this also means no walks for our boys (esp since Gus HATES getting his feet wet). While we’ve taken them out the front of our town house to a patch of bark garden to relieve themselves (in case they haven’t gone by themselves in the backyard), the really haven’t had a decent walk or run.

I now understand why some silly people surrender dogs for being too ‘energetic’ and destroying things in the house – but fail to realise that this is what dogs do without proper exercise.

First – we lost an Ikea Catalogue (that was being used as a door stop). Fairly understandable. Ikea Catalogues don’t make great door stops, as they make better ‘rip and tear’ toys.

Second – very muddy floors due to muddy outside paws. Also understandable.

Leaving the house for an hour and having the dogs rat through the garbage to pull out the baking paper from the previous nights chicken roast dinner – scattering it ALL over the kitchen and carpet – tearing it to shreds and putting grease and fat all over the floors?….. ….. No words describe that scenario.

I’ll just wait for the sunny days.

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More Mischief from Ludo

Email i just got from Ash to let me know what the boys have been up to:

So I’m upstairs working and I hear this… *scratch scratch scratch* sound from downstairs. It’s not something I’ve heard before, so after a moment I turn around and Gus is at the top of the stairs looking at me, as if to say ‘It’s not me!’

“Where is your brother hmmm?” I say

I get up and walk down stairs, poke my head over the banister and…

Ludo is nowhere to be found. I wait, because surely he’ll appear any moment.

But he doesn’t. So I walk down stairs and as I enter the kitchen he’s standing near the fridge, looks at me, and starts wagging his. Something ever so slightly suspicious in his demeanor, like he expected me to do or say something, but didn’t.

The sound reminded me of the metal brackets on the bottom of the skirting board around the kitchen, so I assumed he must be been scraping at some food lost nearby. But I couldn’t find any anywhere I looked. Ah well, he was probably just playing with something, case solved! Back upstairs to work.

Half an hour later, I hear the *scratch scratch scratch* again. And then again. I stop, turn around. Gus looks at me, “Not me!!”

I get up slowly and creep silently to the edge of the stairs.

*scratch scratch scratch*

I tread lightly down, looking over the banister to the lounge room, but he’s nowhere to be found.

*scratch scratch scratch*

Taking a few more steps down I look over to the kitchen and there — there he is, paws outstretched, on his back legs and reaching as high to the sky as his tiny body allows, scratching at one of the kitchen cupboards. No… not at the cupboard, _above_ it, reaching with all his might to what’s on top of the cupboard, to what’s above it on the kitchen bench.

The defrosting chicken necks!

Not only this, but just as I bend my head over the banister I see his mouth grab the edge of the plastic bag which is just lightly hanging over the edge of the bench, and before he can pull the whole thing down to the floor I boom out “No!!”

He drops down and hurriedly runs over to me, tail wagging furiously, not only because I told him off for doing something he shouldn’t, but I think he knew it was something he shouldn’t be doing to begin with. That look in his stance the first time I went downstairs — he thought he had got away with it!

Little rascal!

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Can you dig it? I’ve got two that can!

Gus and Ludo have discovered ‘digging’.

Started with Ludo one weekend, outside, in the rain, creating his own mud puddle and having a great time. Luckily Gus, who doesn’t like rain or having wet paws decided to come upstairs and tell on his brother.

I know he can PHYSICALLY talk – but believe me, he came upstairs with a certain look that said “Hey Ma, you might want to see what my brother is up too!”

I did find him digging and didn’t have the camera handy – so this is how he looked POST crime…


Do you still love me??

Check out the mud on the window!!


…. and in the last few days – Gus AND ludo have both created a new hole in the back of the garden. grrrr

AND they bring their muddy clumps of dirt into the house and carpet to chew on. Delightful treasures.

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Gus’s got a beauty spot

This is Gus as a wee pup,

and then this morning:

Admittedly this is a terrible photo – taken in the dark, after a walk in the rain. So he’s rather soaked. He’s also wondering where the hell his treat is.

BUT you can clearly notice that he has a beauty spot on his left check!

I’ll have to try and get a better ‘non- soaked’ photo up….


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New pet? Prepare for the unusual changes.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, choosing a breed, a name, a breeder, a colour, what types of pet products you’ll need – how you’re going to “dog proof” your home. Don’t forget about the OTHER changes that will most likely change as well.

We certainly considered all of the above, plus the usual – how will we train them, yes we will have to pick up poo, yes we’ll have to go walking regardless of how miserable and cold it is..etc etc

BUT THERE ARE OTHERS!! Below are just a few that we’ve noticed:

  • Floors will stay clean for less than 2 hours after you clean them.
  • Items you leave on the floor WILL have a 90% increased chance of being chewed.
  • If you work from home, you will have them lying on the floor next to you..more often distracting you.
  • Instead of cuddling ones partner, you’ll cuddle a puppy instead (beware this one.)
  • You’ll start talking to yourself (well at the dog/s) when you go to do things. “OOoh, let’s go to the fridge and see what yummy food there is” (even if it’s your snack).
  • You’ll find yourself looking for them when they are asleep.
  • Doggy ‘dream barks’ will pull at your heart strings.
  • You’ll also find yourself looking for them if they are being noisy in another room.
  • If you have wooden floors, expect to see the addition of some dog hair tumble weeds rolling around the place.

And the most impressive point on the list:

  • You and your partner will discuss the intricacies of dog poo as if it were a fine wine.

How much, what it was like, how you should adapt their food, how many you got on a walk… the list never ends.

And I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

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