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Doggie Halloween Costumes

Halloween seems to bring out the best and most interesting things out of the US. Mainly because Australia hasn’t ever ‘fully’ embraced Halloween. But it seems every year – increasingly more ‘wacky’ things are being created. I kinda love it … Continue reading

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More destruction

Our two terrible teenagers – mischievous and mayhem, have been up to their usual tricks… Look what Ash just came home too!!! OMG! What have your fur kids destroyed?

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Yours Droolly play chasing

This is a perfect example of how our boys play most evenings. CHASING TIME!!

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Guilty Gus

Anyone who thinks a dog does not remember or does not feel guilt – has not lived with a dog. Just look at the expressions on the faces of these three dogs when they are asked the same question at … Continue reading

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Chewed cables

Apparently one dog eating my cables is not enough! And then the next morning for some more fun- chew my own bed.

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Big walks

After a big walk, ludo likes nothing better than collapsing besides his water bowl.

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New carpet

When we first got our puppies, we laid down a very cheap $20 Ikea carpet (to hide the speaker cables in the living room). Now that the boys are fully grown and toilet trained (Fingers crossed). I’d like to put … Continue reading

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Poo does not equal food

Dear Gus and Ludo, I’m not sure if your aware- but poo, particularly cat poo, is not a breath freshener. In fact it’s not a food either. I know you believe it tastes like the best thing on earth. But … Continue reading

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Stitches out

The boys have finally recovered and back to their mischievous selves. All stitches got removed on Friday. Ashton took them to get them removed and he later disclosed that he heard Ludo yelp a few times as they pulled out … Continue reading

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