Paw paw ointment

Today’s destruction.., conversation with Ash.


Ash: So…. Looks like we’ll be needing some new ointment.

Me: Tisk Tisk. Our Boys are terrible. Where was it to get chewed? I put it back in the cuboard.

Ash: Ludo was biting last night, found a big red sore, put some on and left it on the dining room table. Woke up today, open door, boys come bounding upstairs and Gus has this bright red trophy in his mouth… I guess they like pawpaw?

Me: Hmmm. Might I suggest putting things away or high up?

Ash: Ahem – I treated Ludo downstairs, put it on the table, They’ve never touched anything else in the table unless it’s food.

Me: Or paper… or grooming instruments.

Ash: From the table? Well alpha mistress. You’ll have to teach them some table manners 🙂

Me: lol. Thanks. OR I have to teach you to pick up for yourself… Win for me, I end up with a tidy house.

Ash: What? You leave shit around all the time :p I find it funny. Oh and the brush was on the floor chewed as well. Who left that lying around hmmmm?

Thus ending the conversation when I realised I had left the brush on the table last night after trying to groom Gus. We’re both as bad as each other and our boys seem to find things to chew and destroy a LOT recently.

We also lost an entire Thailand version of ‘WEEDS’ the other night after we had gone out for an hour. They destroyed the plastic bag it was in plus chewed all the DVDs in there.

Ash thinks they must have a thing against pirated movies. I think that they got bored and wanted to watch TV but didn’t know how to turn it on.

Thus ends the week of excitement. They get to visit my parents dogs on the weekend, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Have a great weekend!


About gusandludo

Ludo and Gus were born on the 12th April 2011. They are both King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Ludo is Ruby coloured and Gus is Blenheim. A little about Ludo Ludo is the 'adventurer'. Very inquisitive, active and cheeky. Very happy to steal whatever Gus is eating if he can. Cutest trait: If you say "Ludo ludo ludo" he'll cock his head one way and the other. A little about Gus Gus is a lover and a fighter. He'll come up and fall asleep in your arms, give you cuddles and give Ludo a run for his money- running over and jumping on him. This is the story about how we've managed to re-arrange our lives to include these two beautiful boys.
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