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Mischief n mayhem

Mischief and mayhem struck again this morning. Carpet up- as much destruction as possible. Advertisements

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First Hair Cut

  We have finally bit the postman and taken our puppies to the dog groomers.By no means a cheap operation when you have more than one dog, but we do think it was worth it. When Ash went to pick … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award – My First Puppy Blog Award!

Nothing starts the week off better than receiving an award! (Okay possibly some puppy cuddles – but if you take dogs out of it..) Vanilla Bean was kind enough to pass The Liebster Award on to me! The really cool … Continue reading

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I’m like really comfortable

Just when you didn’t think they could get any more lazy and comfortable…

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Mass destruction

Ahh the destruction of eager puppies. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, bath mats.., the list now seems endless. Or perhaps I should say our floor looks more like a recycling center because those items no longer hold any ties … Continue reading

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Things dogs find on walks and other unrelated topics

On the walk today, Ludo found a rather dirty little sock. My boys LOOOOOVE socks. The dirtier the better. Like any good obsessive dog, he decided to take the sock with him. Yes. Carry it around in his mouth pretty … Continue reading

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