Pet Expo – “Oh no! You’re dogs are fat!”

Sydney had it’s Pet Expo on over the weekend. Naturally I went along to have a sticky beak on all things ‘pet’. I also couldn’t help but have a pat with all the cute puppies and dogs from all the different breeds. This is where, when I started having  a chat with the ‘cavie’ society, that I got a serious telling off…

I should back up ever so slightly, firstly, I’ve been battling with Ash, telling him our puppies certanly ARE looking chubby. And if you can recall last week – I posted the ‘battle’ over food I usually have with Ash. (

“Argument with MOTH goes like this.. MOTH: But what if they get hungry later??? ME: Your encouraging them to binge eat. Stop wasting food and making them fat. MOTH: But they have a shorter digestive tract than us so they will get hungry. ME: Yes, but they don’t need more food! (MOTH then confesses that he fed them a snack at lunch because they ‘looked hungry’). *BANG* <- that’s me hitting my head against the fridge in frustration. ”

My two – if you compare Gus’s ‘top view’ above, are certainly getting into the ‘Over weight’ section. Surprise surprise when I weighted them at the local Pet Barn. 12Kg and 13.3kg! You fat little porkies. -They should be more like 10kg max. (This and all the health side effects I’m already aware of by the way. Keep to get them less chubby).

So when I was discussing this with the woman at the expo stand, I unsurprisingly got quite the talking down too.

Her: “Oh those poor things, What a strain on their hearts! You don’t want them to have heart problems! How would you feel if you got diabetes or heart problems!”

Me: Oh Gus was born with one.

Her: Oh no! They need MUCH less food and no treats and certainly more exercise.

Me: They do get walked twice a day already.

Her: That’s good, well less food for certain. More veggies!

Me: They only get 1/2 cup of kibble and a small bit of fresh meat and veggies.

Her: Okay, that’s good. Well no treats! All these guys (dogs) get is one small treat (nail size) and only for doing something good! (shows me the most depressing looking treats in the world)

Me: hmmm- very interesting.

From there I somehow managed to escape with my tail between my legs. Discussing it at home I have got him to cut down on the treats. Halving biscuits and treats where possible.



About gusandludo

Ludo and Gus were born on the 12th April 2011. They are both King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Ludo is Ruby coloured and Gus is Blenheim. A little about Ludo Ludo is the 'adventurer'. Very inquisitive, active and cheeky. Very happy to steal whatever Gus is eating if he can. Cutest trait: If you say "Ludo ludo ludo" he'll cock his head one way and the other. A little about Gus Gus is a lover and a fighter. He'll come up and fall asleep in your arms, give you cuddles and give Ludo a run for his money- running over and jumping on him. This is the story about how we've managed to re-arrange our lives to include these two beautiful boys.
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