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Rainy days = destruction

Rain in our house means no walk. No walks = two VERY energetic pups. For the past 3 days in Sydney it has rained non-stop day to night. Unfortunately this also means no walks for our boys (esp since Gus … Continue reading

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More Mischief from Ludo

Email i just got from Ash to let me know what the boys have been up to: So I’m upstairs working and I hear this… *scratch scratch scratch* sound from downstairs. It’s not something I’ve heard before, so after a … Continue reading

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Can you dig it? I’ve got two that can!

Gus and Ludo have discovered ‘digging’. Started with Ludo one weekend, outside, in the rain, creating his own mud puddle and having a great time. Luckily Gus, who doesn’t like rain or having wet paws decided to come upstairs and … Continue reading

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