Can you dig it? I’ve got two that can!

Gus and Ludo have discovered ‘digging’.

Started with Ludo one weekend, outside, in the rain, creating his own mud puddle and having a great time. Luckily Gus, who doesn’t like rain or having wet paws decided to come upstairs and tell on his brother.

I know he can PHYSICALLY talk – but believe me, he came upstairs with a certain look that said “Hey Ma, you might want to see what my brother is up too!”

I did find him digging and didn’t have the camera handy – so this is how he looked POST crime…


Do you still love me??

Check out the mud on the window!!


…. and in the last few days – Gus AND ludo have both created a new hole in the back of the garden. grrrr

AND they bring their muddy clumps of dirt into the house and carpet to chew on. Delightful treasures.


About gusandludo

Ludo and Gus were born on the 12th April 2011. They are both King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Ludo is Ruby coloured and Gus is Blenheim. A little about Ludo Ludo is the 'adventurer'. Very inquisitive, active and cheeky. Very happy to steal whatever Gus is eating if he can. Cutest trait: If you say "Ludo ludo ludo" he'll cock his head one way and the other. A little about Gus Gus is a lover and a fighter. He'll come up and fall asleep in your arms, give you cuddles and give Ludo a run for his money- running over and jumping on him. This is the story about how we've managed to re-arrange our lives to include these two beautiful boys.
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