More Mischief from Ludo

Email i just got from Ash to let me know what the boys have been up to:

So I’m upstairs working and I hear this… *scratch scratch scratch* sound from downstairs. It’s not something I’ve heard before, so after a moment I turn around and Gus is at the top of the stairs looking at me, as if to say ‘It’s not me!’

“Where is your brother hmmm?” I say

I get up and walk down stairs, poke my head over the banister and…

Ludo is nowhere to be found. I wait, because surely he’ll appear any moment.

But he doesn’t. So I walk down stairs and as I enter the kitchen he’s standing near the fridge, looks at me, and starts wagging his. Something ever so slightly suspicious in his demeanor, like he expected me to do or say something, but didn’t.

The sound reminded me of the metal brackets on the bottom of the skirting board around the kitchen, so I assumed he must be been scraping at some food lost nearby. But I couldn’t find any anywhere I looked. Ah well, he was probably just playing with something, case solved! Back upstairs to work.

Half an hour later, I hear the *scratch scratch scratch* again. And then again. I stop, turn around. Gus looks at me, “Not me!!”

I get up slowly and creep silently to the edge of the stairs.

*scratch scratch scratch*

I tread lightly down, looking over the banister to the lounge room, but he’s nowhere to be found.

*scratch scratch scratch*

Taking a few more steps down I look over to the kitchen and there — there he is, paws outstretched, on his back legs and reaching as high to the sky as his tiny body allows, scratching at one of the kitchen cupboards. No… not at the cupboard, _above_ it, reaching with all his might to what’s on top of the cupboard, to what’s above it on the kitchen bench.

The defrosting chicken necks!

Not only this, but just as I bend my head over the banister I see his mouth grab the edge of the plastic bag which is just lightly hanging over the edge of the bench, and before he can pull the whole thing down to the floor I boom out “No!!”

He drops down and hurriedly runs over to me, tail wagging furiously, not only because I told him off for doing something he shouldn’t, but I think he knew it was something he shouldn’t be doing to begin with. That look in his stance the first time I went downstairs — he thought he had got away with it!

Little rascal!


About gusandludo

Ludo and Gus were born on the 12th April 2011. They are both King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Ludo is Ruby coloured and Gus is Blenheim. A little about Ludo Ludo is the 'adventurer'. Very inquisitive, active and cheeky. Very happy to steal whatever Gus is eating if he can. Cutest trait: If you say "Ludo ludo ludo" he'll cock his head one way and the other. A little about Gus Gus is a lover and a fighter. He'll come up and fall asleep in your arms, give you cuddles and give Ludo a run for his money- running over and jumping on him. This is the story about how we've managed to re-arrange our lives to include these two beautiful boys.
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1 Response to More Mischief from Ludo

  1. Heather says:

    I have a Blenheim and ruby cavie who are now in their baby boomer years and I am quite wistful to read of Ludo and Guss’s antics. It is like when your kids grow up – you don’t miss the mess but would suffer its return for the fun you shared. Rusty and Marley (after Bob) are still cool and funny guys but in a much more quieter and dignified manner. May the rain stop! I found your blog whilst looking for places to go with dogs on wet days.

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