Rainy days = destruction

Rain in our house means no walk.
No walks = two VERY energetic pups.

For the past 3 days in Sydney it has rained non-stop day to night. Unfortunately this also means no walks for our boys (esp since Gus HATES getting his feet wet). While we’ve taken them out the front of our town house to a patch of bark garden to relieve themselves (in case they haven’t gone by themselves in the backyard), the really haven’t had a decent walk or run.

I now understand why some silly people surrender dogs for being too ‘energetic’ and destroying things in the house – but fail to realise that this is what dogs do without proper exercise.

First – we lost an Ikea Catalogue (that was being used as a door stop). Fairly understandable. Ikea Catalogues don’t make great door stops, as they make better ‘rip and tear’ toys.

Second – very muddy floors due to muddy outside paws. Also understandable.

Leaving the house for an hour and having the dogs rat through the garbage to pull out the baking paper from the previous nights chicken roast dinner – scattering it ALL over the kitchen and carpet – tearing it to shreds and putting grease and fat all over the floors?….. ….. No words describe that scenario.

I’ll just wait for the sunny days.


About gusandludo

Ludo and Gus were born on the 12th April 2011. They are both King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Ludo is Ruby coloured and Gus is Blenheim. A little about Ludo Ludo is the 'adventurer'. Very inquisitive, active and cheeky. Very happy to steal whatever Gus is eating if he can. Cutest trait: If you say "Ludo ludo ludo" he'll cock his head one way and the other. A little about Gus Gus is a lover and a fighter. He'll come up and fall asleep in your arms, give you cuddles and give Ludo a run for his money- running over and jumping on him. This is the story about how we've managed to re-arrange our lives to include these two beautiful boys.
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3 Responses to Rainy days = destruction

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    We had a rainy day here too. Our’s don;t mind the rain if they have their jackets, but ti was too cold for a walk in the rain. I tossed a ball up and down the hallway to get out a little energy 😉

    • gusandludo says:

      Thanks for the response! Yes, my boys also do have waterproof jackets – however since they are so low to the ground they still get saturated in torrential rain. I did go down to our underground garage last night and we had a play (in between cars coming home). That assisted in letting them have run in the ‘underground’ park 🙂

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