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Gus’s got a beauty spot

This is Gus as a wee pup, and then this morning: Admittedly this is a terrible photo – taken in the dark, after a walk in the rain. So he’s rather soaked. He’s also wondering where the hell his treat … Continue reading

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Pet Expo – “Oh no! You’re dogs are fat!”

Sydney had it’s Pet Expo on over the weekend. Naturally I went along to have a sticky beak on all things ‘pet’. I also couldn’t help but have a pat with all the cute puppies and dogs from all the … Continue reading

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First Hair Cut

  We have finally bit the postman and taken our puppies to the dog groomers.By no means a cheap operation when you have more than one dog, but we do think it was worth it. When Ash went to pick … Continue reading

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I’m like really comfortable

Just when you didn’t think they could get any more lazy and comfortable…

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Things dogs find on walks and other unrelated topics

On the walk today, Ludo found a rather dirty little sock. My boys LOOOOOVE socks. The dirtier the better. Like any good obsessive dog, he decided to take the sock with him. Yes. Carry it around in his mouth pretty … Continue reading

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Paw paw ointment

Today’s destruction.., conversation with Ash. Ash: So…. Looks like we’ll be needing some new ointment. Me: Tisk Tisk. Our Boys are terrible. Where was it to get chewed? I put it back in the cuboard. Ash: Ludo was biting last … Continue reading

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Dog Christmas Ideas

Sometimes it not JUST about the humans giving and receiving gifts. Sometimes we get our furry pals a new special toy or treat as well. That and little reindeer ears on dogs is SO cute. If you’re crazy about your … Continue reading

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Puppy Holidays

My cousin has very nicely offered to take the boys for us while we are away for a couple of nights. I now feel like a very silly neurotic mother – packing EVERYTHING I can think of. Toys CHECK, Food … Continue reading

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Christmas Beetle season

With all the doggie obsessions in the world to choose from, why did my two terrors have to pick Christmas Beetles? Apparently these little flying annoyances are the canine equivalent of prime rib, only even better because of the lovely … Continue reading

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Weekly wrap up

Because we can’t all just keep talking about 15yr old drug addicts in Bali Jails, the weather and Qantas PR Fails… Lets dog the weekly wrap-up related to two terrible teenage terrors.  Let’s get started, shall we? This week we … Continue reading

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